Lily Richeson is a certified personal trainer and owner of Pressing on Fitness. She believes that movement based routines and rituals can help heal. Lily aims to create a supportive, non-judgemental relationships with her clients. She wants to encourage others to practice love and compassion for themselves and their bodies, while simultaneously helping them achieve their goals.

Lily has been in the gym since adolescence, but not always for positive reasons. For years of her life she was impacted poor self-image surrounding weight and struggled with disordered eating. It wasn’t until she first discovered the power of lifting weights for strength, and the ability of the bike to give you an escape, that exercise could be fun and rewarding in a variety of ways. Movement became her passion and an outlet to overcome aspects of anxiety and depression.

Competing in road, cyclocross, mountain bike racing, and distance touring has given Lily a well rounded idea of what endurance athletes need off and on the bike to be successful in the ways they want. She loves to be active and engage with nature as much as possible through a variety of activities, and encourages clients to explore and connect to their bodies while connecting with the rich environment around them as a way to feel empowered.

Practicing and competing in powerlifting and general strength training has been a transformative experience for Lily. She believes that movement in the body can help restore a possible lost sense of resilience and help reopen the window of tolerance for nervous system activation for those who have experienced trauma.



  • Movement for Trauma Level 1 with Jane Clapp

  • Movement and Mobility 101 with Dr Kelly Starrett

  • Kabuki Movement Fundamentals

  • Spin Certified

  • CPR Certified